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The world needs a software-driven service hence the CDC IT Services working towards it and gives its best in market web application development and security solutions. The CDC IT implements a unified development service which improves the application security from beginning to the production. Because of that, the company can make the smart move while building the web and mobile applications, also they can purchase and assemble the components in the environment.


Your brand our innovation! Our team is in continuous search for the ideas followed with insights and the impact it holds. We brings the most impactful idea by understanding your requirement.

Consolidated Development

The three important pillars behind our dynamic strategy are Intuition, Imagination and Reason. We put our efforts on your brand to give it a unique identity which changes the whole outlook of the brand.

Security Management

Humans are the creator of technology and we believe a well-mannered drive can lead us to the audience from the basic level. CDC IT is known for the Managed cyber security Engagement agency.

Advanced Technology

The CDC IT take tasks of the ambitious people and brands who want to create something new and different by following different design, unique thinking, well planned and advanced technology. We help them to transform their business to the digitally advanced version.

A Faster Way to Do
Just About Anything

The CDC IT Services involves the advanced web development technologies which have the ability to transform the business and make it open worldwide. The Company’s team is formed by gathering experts who are scholars in Custom Software development and complete web development. Web development includes (PHP, NodeJs, Laravel, Wordpress, ASP.Net, Web socket’s, R&R, Joomla, Python, and SharePoint). We are confident that we hold perfect tools that can deliver the respective outcome.

A Industry Specific Blockchain Solution

From the present scenario, it is clear that eventually, every other company will turn towards the decentralisation because after watching the growth of blockchain implemented companies, it will be a wrong act if a company doesn’t involve blockchain in their process. So, to remove that second thinking CDC IT Services is giving its complete support to form the decentralised business infrastructure.

We Help Business
From Cyber Threats

We fully understand how important is an IT department and cyber security in a company. The experts of these departments play a crucial role in preventing the threats and hacks and knows the result in case any threat is able to break the shield. We provide services which give you the assurance of delivering the information in the right condition. It takes care of the flow of information to the storage and access, from operation’s security to the business system.

Services We Offer

We offer a complete package which includes the web and application development followed by the security services along with the 360 digital marketing services because we know what is the requirement of the market. We implement a unified and modified approach that can enhance the application security from the foundation level to the market level. In this way, CDC IT Services can confidently explore and build the web and mobile applications, also provides the privilege to buy and assemble the components which can integrate into the environments.

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